Microcems Co., Ltd. was established in year 2010 as a service provider and trading company. We provide a measuring instrument for industry. Safety and environmental equipment are such as Gas detector, BIO gas, Temperature and humidity monitoring, CEMs (continuous emission monitoring system) and etc.

We realize how “Best Quality” has an important to our customer. We concentrate on the quality management system and improving process to certified ISO 9001:2007 within 2015. Excellent service is our company’s motto, which our staff must follows and use as a working standard.

  • Responsibility & Accountability – Responsible for all jobs and all commitment with customer.
  • Service Mind & Customer Centric – listening to the customer problems and requirements.
  • Responsiveness – fast internal and external acknowledgement and action under quality control

With our hospitality, honestly, and excellent experience repairing job, calibration and service of the CEMs system; including design and installation follow the USPEA standard. Therefore we became one of customer’s first choices.

Currently, we classify our products and service into 6 groups

  1. Safety process
  2. CEMs
  3. Bio-gas
  4. Service contract for CEMs
  5. Gas detector calibrations
  6. Repairing


We are now preparing one additions product to serve customer in Thailand which is the temperature and humidity system for monitoring customer process, i.e. agricultural product, food, medicine. After sales service are another priority that we are concerning, hence we have conducted the project “Fast Service” troubleshooting within 24 hours in order to assist our customer on technical problems in any urgent issue. Moreover, we organized the Service Center with experiences Engineer and Technician to serve our customer on Repairing, calibration and CEMs improvement.


Our Clients